Welcome to Mathsfunplaynlearn

Currently based in London (UK), I am a Singapore-trained, bilingual (English & Mandarin) educator specialises in Singapore Primary Mathematics.

With more than a decade of classroom teaching and tutoring experiences, I have a huge interest in creating fun activities for children to master Maths concepts.

As a learning planner, I work with children to find out their learning styles and their gaps in learning. Knowing these information would enable me to gather resources to help children progress in their learning.

Since I have a pool of resources, I thought, “Why not share it with others?”

Therefore, I started this site.

My intention of setting this site is to help the parents to have an idea on what is being taught in mathematics in Singapore mathematics syllabus. Also, to share with them some of the online resources which can makes learning of mathematics concepts more fun and enjoyable for their children. In doing so, I am also bridging the learning experience between home and school for children. This makes learning more authentic.

Resources are collated from the Singapore Mathematics Syllabus Guide, videos and blog of my lecturer, Dr. Yeap Ban Har, contributions from colleagues in twitter and educational websites. These information is reorganised and presented in a readable and understandable format for my target audiences.

Maths Fun 'n Play Online Classroom

Together with colleagues located in parts of the world,¬†we provide tutoring service in the ‘Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom’. Using technology, we are able to present mathematical concepts in a visually attractive and interactive way.