Multiplication of Fractions in application

An example of word problem solving for pupils to apply their understanding of multiplication of fractions. Question from Inspire Maths Year 5 Book A

This is the work of a Year 5 (UK) child showing how to present his thoughts in pictorial form and in abstract computation format.

His thoughts in steps:

  1. Drew 8 units to represent 1 kg. (8 units taken from the denominator of  5/8 kg)
  2. Labelled all 8 units to 1 kg.
  3. Labelled 5 units to represent 5/8 kg of tomatoes.
  4. Out of that 5 units, labelled 2 units in white and wrote ‘r’ to represent rotten tomatoes.
  5. Out of that 5 units, labelled 3 units in black and wrote ‘f’ to represent fresh tomatoes.
  6. Write the answer 3/8 kg by counting the number of units representing fresh tomatoes, out of, the total number of units representing 1 kg.
  7. To double check, did working 3/5 x 5/

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